PM causes Panic Buying

Wednesdays Issues 28/03/2012. Press association.

There have been queues at some filling stations across Wales as apparent panic buying kicked in ahead of concerns there may be a strike by tanker drivers.

The Government seems hell bent on  trying to confect a crisis in just that way. The Gaff came as David Cameron, had called on people to top up their cars.

There has also been  criticism of a UK government minister who urged motorists to store spare fuel at home.Some filling stations are now running short, with their operators saying it is because of the increase in demand, not supply problems.

A poll by RMI Petrol, representing independent retailers, found that petrol sales were up 81% and diesel up 43% on Wednesday. Rises of 45% for petrol and 20% for diesel had been reported on Tuesday amid talk of a strike.

Ffeirio Says! How stupid is David Cameron and Francis Maude. They both waded in with their size 10 wellies today. Instead of the PM Calming the situation ahead of possible strike action. fanning the flames of protest against unite union. Intentionally making a crisis out of a drama. Causing untold misery by provoking panic buying by mis-informed motorists. In order to deflect attention away from it`s failing budget. An attempt to keep Criticism off the front pages, has magnificently back fired.

Any escalation of resentment resulting in the alienating the Petrol tanker drivers. Would Work in favour of the government This is when they have not even decided to strike yet. Simply voted in favour of action. Before they even decide to go on strike They have to give 7 days notice. At the moment the strike vote is merely a negotiating ploy, There is no need to stock up so please don`t.

Whilst Francis Maude has taken to the radio waves to urge people to top up and store fuel in jerry cans. A really stupid thing to say, as anyone with any sense will tell you.It is so dangerous it beggars belief. His unwarrented advice has prompted criticism with the Fire Brigades Union urging Mr Maude to withdraw his statement. A jerry can can hold 20% more fuel than what is legally permitted to store at home.

Francis Maude has also raised criticism by using inflamatory phrases like “any tanker drivers strike would put lives at risk”, Which is completley unfounded as it ignores the fact that the emergency services have their own stocks of fuel, that emergency planning ensures those who need fuel will get it and that the unions themselves have insisted they will not strike unless it is a last resort.

Let`s Debate this issue.

What do you think about David Cameron`s Gaff. Or Francis Maudes Blundering attitude.Would you give Them the thumbs up ,or thumbs down regarding this issue. May be your unsure perhaps your 50/50. Let us know  what you think?

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